As parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents of children at BOSMMA, we have experiences that we want to share. We’d like to start posting, with parents’ permission, some of these experiences on our Blog. Please share with us your testimonial either in person or via email ( so we can post them on our Blog!


From one of our toddler parents:

When we enrolled our two-year-old son at St. Mary Montessori he was very shy in social situations. After just a few weeks at the school, we saw major positive differences in his social development. When he was transitioning from being home to going to school, the entire staff was extremely helpful and patient. We knew he was in good hands every day and felt confident he was being cared for properly. Beyond the amazing social changes, we love the program itself and the way the kids are free to explore the activities they want to explore. My son’s overall confidence and self-sufficiency has greatly improved since enrolling at St. Mary’s. The staff promotes the same positive values we teach our son at home. He is all the more friendly, polite, and kind since joining the school. We couldn’t be happier with our decision to enroll our child at St. Mary Montessori.

St. Mary Montessori has developed a warm and caring environment that is the ideal place for your child to grow and learn. They provide structure through a daily routine that is explained to the parents so they can support the child’s learning when at home. Our daughter started with the toddler program at 15 months barely saying 5 words and now she is almost 2 years old with a healthy vocabulary and in the process of potty training! Our son will most definitely be joining her next year! At St. Mary Montessori they care about your child’s development and your family as a whole. Maddy D.

From our preschool parents:

I cannot express how grateful we are to have been a part of such a wonderful montessori center. The staff at BOSMMA is absolutely amazing. Our son loved going to school and made such wonderful friends while learning in a peaceful environment that allowed him to learn at his pace while challenging him to try new things. We love BOSMMA!! Victoria O.