The Toddler classroom is designed to be a gentle transition from home to school. Through close cooperation between parents and teachers, the children are able to successfully separate from their parents without anxiety.
Our Toddler classroom offers a 1:4 teacher/child ratio . The Toddler classroom provides a caring and nurturing environment that fosters each child’s development of basic trust.  Materials in the classroom are presented and designed to foster curiosity, exploration, self-sufficiency, and accomplishment.
Our main goal is that each and every child feels safe, happy and loved every day.  We strive to help each child develop at his or her own pace; physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.

Practical Life

This area focuses on the toddler’s ability to care for himself and help him become aware of and begin to care for the environment around him. We offers activities that develop concentration, coordination, confidence, independence and order.  The emphasis is on process rather than on result. Examples include feeding oneself, dressing and undressing, hand washing, drinking from a cup, scooping, pouring, grace and courtesy. etc. These activities give children a great sense of personal achievement and pride while mimicking use of seeing objects at home.

Sensorial Activities

Toddlers love to explore, examine and test.  The sensorial materials and activities help develop their senses while strengthening their fine motor skills.  Materials in this area includes among other things, knobbed puzzles, basic shapes and stacking.

Social interactions

We help your children to develop the social skills they need to live together peacefully with other children and adults. Our teachers model appropriate social skills while promoting grace and courtesy. We encourage your children to problem-solve and teach them to use words to identify their feelings.

Language Development

Activities are designed to encourage expression and build vocabulary.  Regular conversation is encouraged in addition to reading, singing, rhyming, etc.


Basic introduction to numbers will be introduce in preparation for entrance to the pre-primary classroom.