Montessori Learning Environment

Learning is enjoyable and we present knowledge as an exciting discovery to be made in the world. We believe that children explore their world with their hands, their hearts, and their
minds. Montessori environments are designed to allow children to learn through doing and through “hands-on” activities.  The activities give the child the ability to understand the concepts and apply what they learn in the process.

Child Centered Learning

Every child has different experiences, knowledge, skills, interests, challenges, and gifts. We help children to progress at their own pace and to gradually reach their potential as they develop their whole being.

High Quality Staff

All our teachers are licensed and certified to work with children. Our teachers approach each child as a whole being and are skilled at guiding them to grow in a way that is most natural to them.

Multi-cultural Experience:

Diversity is respected, understood, and valued. We celebrate different holidays which offers the children an opportunity to participate in different cultural, ethnic, and religious experiences. This prepares them for success and leadership as a global citizen.


We believe in building a strong relationship between teachers and parents to form a community that allows for a foundation for our children’s development. This strong relationship will foster a rich and consistently supportive environment that will help children feel safe, secure, and free to  blossom as they grow.

Multiples ages in classroom

Multi-age grouping helps children develop a sense of community and supports social development.


We offer Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program as part of our curriculum.